It's an r5 thing, you wouldn't understand
im Marina and i think we can all agree r5 freekin rocks!

if you are going to tag me, tag me as r5thing


“Have you ever considered dating Ross?”



#loudtour @ratliffr5

I think about you, every moment, every day of my life 


i need help. what url should i change to?

  • zonkos-jokes
  • weasleys-wheezes
  • snitch-seeking
  • 3-broomsticks
  • knightron
  • knight-ron
  • wizardshop
  • weasleywicked
  • wicked-weasleys
  • accio-brain

ill go back to wizardschess but i need to change it for now. PLEASE HELP????

The Lynches at a Fall Out Boy concert

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